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Finding the right transcription company, one that maintains high standards and exceptional quality control, is challenging.

The Process of Transcription

Most transcription companies sacrifice quality when they offer the lowest possible price. My Other Office understands the transcription industry and the necessity for accurate, mistake-free transcripts. We offer a number of transcription services including court, legal, and medical. All of our work passes through our quality control system in an effort to produce the highest quality finished product. Our company is competitive and offers a fair price in comparison to our competitors. Save time and money by investing in a professional, results-driven transcription company at the outset.

In order to help our clients understand our transcription process, we have developed a simple and effective system:

1. Initial Discussion:

You contact us with your project. We will schedule a phone meeting in order to discuss the specifics, and what accommodations you may require throughout the process. A preliminary, non-final quote will be issued.

2. You Send the Audio:

Simply upload Internet audio files via our secure and confidential website and with just a couple of clicks, you can upload your file, and we will promptly return your completed audio in an electronic version.

Once we receive the audio, we will assess the quality, length, type, and any other relevant details relating to the transcription process. We will then send you an accurate quote detailing the expected costs of the project.


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3. Transcription Begins

Once the terms are decided, the transcribing of your audio files into text will commence. If you have a specific template or guidelines, we will follow them. The timeline for the project is based on the level of priority that you assign when placing your order. We offer various turnaround times, each with a specific rate.

4. Transcription Proofreading

We never issue a transcript without editing it first. Our transcriptionists have been carefully selected and evaluated to ensure that their skills exceed the demands of the audio transcription services industry.

Accuracy and clarity are two of the core principles of My Other Office and we strive to maintain them in every transcript we provide. Once a satisfactory level of proofreading has been achieved, the transcript is sent to our head editor for a final edit.

5. The Final Edit

The transcript receives a final, rigorous editing to eliminate any remaining mistakes. This includes grammar, spelling, formatting, and style. The finished product receives the My Other Office seal of approval and is prepared to send to the client.

6. The Transcript is Sent to the Client:

The final step involves sending the transcript to you, the client. We send our transcripts electronically. Additional costs will apply for postage, should you require a hard copy or CDs. We use our own internal server - which is encrypted in an effort to protect the security of our clients - to forward the transcripts. Once you receive the transcript, we provide the opportunity to assess the quality of work. If the customer is satisfied, the transcription contract is complete and the payment process begins.





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