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My Other Office is proud to offer accurate and efficient interview transcription services to its clients. Our professional typists transcribe virtually any type of interview you conduct, including for business, academic research, and journalism.



Companies conduct marketing research, focus group discussions, and other types of interviews which yield insights into how to connect with customers, how to streamline operations, and how to boost revenue. We convert this audio into business interview transcription files.


You can’t afford to lose any of this vital knowledge. My Other Office’s business interview transcription services transform recorded meetings and discussions into word-for-word text documents which you can easily reference when you’re planning corporate strategy.



If you’re a university student working on your dissertation or if you’re a student or professor who needs to record lecture interviews, use My Other Office Transcription Services.


Relying on your handwritten notes to complete an assignment or major paper means you might miss an important point the one-one interview subject or lecturer made. When you record the lecture or interview and allow My Other Office’s professional typists to transcribe your materials, we guarantee that we’ll include every word to provide the most complete transcripts for your educational needs.



Journalists work on tight deadlines to write compelling stories that inform and update readers. They need accurate documentation one-on-one interviews or telephone interviews.


My Other Office transcribes journalist interviews quickly and precisely. Even if you need transcription at the last minute, we can help. Our transcriptionists are experts in transforming recorded interviews into text documents so you can produce high quality articles that engage your audience.


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There are several reasons our clients keep coming back to My Other Office for their transcription needs:


  • We only employ highly trained transcriptionists. Every typist we hire has at least five years of transcription experience. They undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure they meet our quality standards.

    • Our transcriptionists have the industry-specific knowledge to create accurate documents quickly. My Other Office’s typists have experience transcribing documents for the medical, legal, financial, IT, business, insurance, and education industries. We’re familiar with industry-specific terminology and formatting, so you can rest assured that your document will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

      • Accuracy and efficiency are our top priorities. We understand you have deadlines to meet. But you can’t afford to take shortcuts, either. That’s why our transcriptionists work quickly to produce exact word-for-word documents of your audio and video files. Even if you submit audio or video files for transcription at the last minute, we can work with you.

        • We take security, privacy, and confidentiality seriously. My Other Office encrypts all of its data. We are completely HIPAA compliant. All of our typists are located within Canada. Our server is in Canada, too, and we guarantee that data never leaves the Canadian border.


        Would you like to find out what makes My Other Office different than other transcription services? Call us today at 647-278-6672 for a free trial offer.



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