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Canadians across the country record important meetings, interviews, focus groups, and legal proceedings. These audio and video recordings contain vital confidential information and, in some cases, a transcript may be instrumental in analyzing volumes of data or used as evidence in a legal proceeding.

Founded in 2009, Transcription Canada’s mission is to deliver Canadian’s with high quality speech to text services and transcription at the lowest rate in Canada. We stand behind our transcripts with a Price Guarantee and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Transcription Canada is proud to be a Canadian transcription company that does not outsource any of its speech to text services. Our transcripts are produced right here in Canada by our team of experienced and dedicated transcriptionists. Both federal and provincial government agencies, as well as universities and organizations that work with confidential data are concerned about data security. These clients often require transcription services Canada. 

The cornerstone of our success is our people. We are proud to offer to our transcribers the best compensation in the Canadian transcription industry. We believe in improving the lives of our Canadian transcriptionists with fair compensation, flexible hours, and realistic delivery times.

Choose a Canadian Transcription Canada

You’ve set out to find a transcription provider, and have obtained several quotes, but find that the companies based in the United States or overseas offer more competitive rates, and you’re on a budget.

Prior to making a final decision, there are some important things to consider before committing to a transcription company. With companies located all around the globe, and many overseas companies appearing to be U.S. based, you may not know which provider will meet your needs.

Overseas and U.S. based companies often have a business model that involves outsourcing your transcripts overseas to a third party transcription company. In this situation, there are many factors that you should consider, which might include:

  • English is a second language for many overseas transcription companies, and many U.S. based transcribers are unfamiliar with the Canadian accent.
  • When you commission a transcription company that outsources or hires overseas transcriptionists, there is no guarantee that your transcripts and related data will remain within Canada or even within U.S. borders. The data is stored, produced, and delivered from numerous overseas locations.
  • The rates paid to overseas transcribers reflect the transcription rates quoted to prospective customers. Many of these companies participate in unfair labour practices such as unpaid overtime, and impose unrealistic deadlines.
  • Another commonality is the use of speech-to-text software to expedite transcription production. This increases the likeliness of overlooked inaccuracies and results in an unreliable transcript.
  • Canada uses a mix of British spelling and U.S. spelling, and U.S. transcriptionists frequently don’t differentiate between the two. The result is a transcript with misspellings or misinterpreted dialogue.

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Core Values

We have many years’ experience and a proven track record. We have transcribed thousands of documents over the years for a variety of clients. Transcription Canada provides efficient service, great customer care and guarantees quality. That’s why we stand out among transcription companies.

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Quality Team

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our transcriptionists transcribe a wide variety of transcripts for a diverse portfolio of clients. Many of our transcriptionists have 20+ years of experience and undergo a thorough training process.

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Quality & Accuracy

Choosing a transcription provider outside Canada presents various risks related to accuracy and quality. Not only will you have no idea where your data is going, or who is transcribing your audio, but quality professional transcripts are not always guaranteed.

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HIPAA Compliant

Choosing a transcription provider outside Canada presents various risks related to accuracy and quality. Not only will you have no idea where your data is going, or who is transcribing your audio, but quality professional transcripts are not always guaranteed.


Our mission is to provide the highest standard of human-based transcription — never outsourced. No matter how large or time sensitive your project, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


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We will include downloadable resources with tips about transcripts, keyboarding, MS Office Suite products (including Word, Excel, and Outlook), along with other relevant topics such as trends and news in the legal transcription industry. You can subscribe to recieve regular updates by clicking the subscribe button below .

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