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Transcription is the process of turning digital dictation recordings into a written transcript record of a conversation. Generally, a transcript flows like a script indicating what was said and notates specific actions in the text.

The average transcriptionist can transcribe about 15 minutes of clear audio in 1 hour. Humans speak much faster than they type. On average, we speak four times quicker than we type. If you want to cut down on turnaround time, ensure that your audio is high quality, clear, and to the point.

We offer many different transcription services. We work primarily transcribe within the medical transcription and legal transcription industries, but our transcription company serves a variety of audio transcription services. Our other audio transcription services include speeches, interviews, business transcripts, financial transcripts, courtroom transcription, and much more.

The factors which determine the turnaround time for a transcript are limitless. However, the most common factors that increase the difficulty of completing transcripts are the overall quality of the audio, accents, multiple speakers, individuals who speak fast, background noise, and required knowledge of specific terminology. Any of these factors on their own will increase the turnaround time for the transcriptionist to transcribe the audio, but if combined, it can greatly increase the length of a project.

First, we assess the audio. If we deem it low quality, we will contact you. At this point, the audio can be enhanced (this will be at an additional expense). We may suggest that you purchase better recording equipment if you are a returning client and we will tell you whether or not the project is worth pursuing.

Reputation is very important when choosing a transcription service provider. If you are willing to pay substantially less for transcripts, you are likely to receive lower quality results. Transcription Canada is a leading transcription company with skilled transcriptionists and we guarantee high quality and mistake-free transcripts. We do not cut corners in our rigorous and detail-oriented transcription process.

When we provide a quote to transcribe your audio, we suggest the best price possible. We offer both pricing schemes, but will only suggest the one that we think is best for the client.

Yes, we also offer video transcription services. If possible, we ask clients to convert the video into an audio format. We are capable of doing this as well, but there is an extra charge for this procedure.

We offer transcript delivery through standard mail or couriers. There is an extra charge for this service.

Every transcript project is backed up by our secure cloud storage system. Upon the completion of a project, we will send you back your audio if requested. We value security at Transcription Canada and ensure that all sensitive data is protected by multiple layers of encryption.


Do you us to transcribe audio within a few days? Transcription Canada can work with you to meet your needs. Simply upload a digital version of your recording to our server, and we take care of the rest. If you prefer, we can set up a secure personal account for file uploads.

Transcription Canada has a proven track record for the ability to deliver what a client needs by a specified deadline, whether the turnaround time required is a few days or a few weeks.  We invite you to contact our  team with any questions you may have about our services, pricing or quality guarantee.

Call us today at 647-278-6672, or email us at if you have audio to transcribe.

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