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If you’re interested in transcribing your podcast, turn to Transcription Canada.

We employ word processing experts who undergo a rigorous training process. In addition, we make it easy to upload audio files, and our secure servers are located in Canada. We have many satisfied customers in a range of industries. To receive a quote, contact Transcription Canada at (647)278-6672 or info@myotherofficeonline.com.

Why Should You Transcribe Your Podcast?

We provide award-winning transcription services.

Your podcast is how you share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You might have a large audience now, but in order to reach even more people, you should create podcast transcripts.

How can the decision to transcribe your podcast boost your audience? There are a few reasons why audio transcription allows you to expand your horizons.

For starters, turning audio to text makes your content more accessible. People who have visual impairment may be able to hear the podcast, though what about the hearing impaired? A transcript of your podcast enables them to read it and gain the same knowledge they would if they were listening.

Secondly, some people learn and retain information better when they read it as opposed to listening. And listening to a podcast isn’t always convenient. Your audience members might be in a situation where they can’t put a pair of headphones in and tune into you exclusively. A transcript of the recording lets them feel as though they’re not missing out.

A third reason to transcribe your podcast has to do with search engines. Posting the transcript of your podcast lets search engines index the content. So, interested audiences will be able to find your podcast as the result of their web search. If you don’t post a transcript of your podcast, search engines can’t find it – they can’t find audio results.

The final advantage of transcribing your podcast is that it makes it easier to share the content. Has your podcast attracted the attention of bloggers? A transcript makes it simple for them to quote notable bits from your show so that their readers can be exposed to it and check out your podcast on their own. Let’s say you maintain a blog in addition to a podcast. Having a written record of an episode can inspire a post, which you can share and ultimately increase your audience.

How To Choose A Transcript Service For Your Podcast

You might be saying, “Okay, transcribing my podcast sounds like a great choice. But I don’t have the time to do it myself.” That’s where a transcript service comes in.

Transcription companies transform speech to text. Not all transcription firms are created equally, though. Some have a better reputation and results than others. How do you choose one?

Ask for references. Transcription services with many satisfied clients shouldn’t have a problem providing this for you. The more positive feedback you hear about a particular company, the greater the likelihood that they provide the highest quality results.

Find out about the process for sending the audio files to the transcriber. Is it simple? Equally importantly, is it secure? Top audio transcription companies allow customers to upload audio files to a secure server. And if you’re considering using Canadian transcription companies, consider one that stores all of its data in Canada.

When it comes to pricing, you get what you pay for. Accepting the lowest quote for transcription isn’t a good idea. You’ll receive a transcript of low quality that you won’t be able to use. Discuss exactly what the quote includes and what you receive for that amount.

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