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Transcription Canada is an award-winning transcription service, specializing in an array of transcription service capabilities and transcription work, including courtroom, legal, medical and financial transcription. Our online transcription service maintains a proud reputation for quality and leadership within our field, and we employ only professional and skilled transcribers.

Benefits of Using a Transcription Company:

The advantages of using a transcription service such as Transcription Canada are endless…

Keep A Written Record – Transcription is the process of producing a written account of audio files. Whether you have a meeting, conference or presentation, Transcription Canada can assist you in creating and maintaining an effective system for the storage of your institution’s records in the form of transcripts.

Save Yourself Time – Instead of worrying about paperwork and other time-consuming, record-keeping tasks, leave these concerns to our digital dictation and virtual assistant team. If you have notes or spoken-word files in an audio or video format, let Transcription Canada transcribe an accurate, word-for-word text document for you.

Feel Secure With An Expert –Transcription Canada is proud to maintain its status as a leader in quality and security when it comes to the creation of transcripts for our clients. We offer a secure server for you to upload your digital files and we maintain a quality guarantee of the finished product. We use the best transcription software available and match your project to the most qualified transcriptionist for your specific industry.

For businesses and organizations, creating a transcript of videos can actually increase your online reach.  More customers will be able to find your website because your transcript will appear in text searches.

It can take hours to transcribe video and audio recordings.  The resources devoted to transcribing these recordings could be allocated elsewhere.  Dictation services companies provide the solution to this problem.

Transcription agencies hire professional transcribers who are experienced in quickly and accurately transforming recordings into word-for-word text documents, resulting in a rapid return on investment for their clients.

Types of Interview Transcription

We can accommodate transcription service requests for lessons, interviews, meetings, conferences, presentations, lectures and other speaking events or recorded materials. We have assisted a wide range of individuals and companies with their online transcription needs, including health professionals, teachers, public speakers, lawyers and an array of other industries looking to compile a written account of an audio, digital or video file. We offer transcription service, our specialized services include:
  • Financial
  • Dissertation Interview Transcription
  • Insurance Claims
  • Academic Interview Transcription
  • Corporate Boardroom Sessions
  • Business Meetings
  • Management Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Conference Calls
  • Focus Groups
  • Examinations in Correctional Institutions
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Board of Director and AGM Meetings
  • Roundtable Discussions

Audio Transcription File Formats

Our team can work with a wide variety of file formats, some of which include:
  • AMR
  • CAF
  • DSS
  • DVD
  • M4A
  • MOV
  • MP2
  • MP3
  • MSV
  • Quicktime
  • WAV
  • WMA

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Our transcriptionists possess years of expertise in the professional transcription industry, including specialists who are skilled in a number of sub-fields.


My Other Office is committed to maintaining the highest level of security and privacy possible, in accordance with HIPAA/HITECH.


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