Audio Transcription

“Our mission is to leverage technology and talent to provide our clients with accurate and timely transcription and court reporting services in Canada.”

Transcription Canada specializes in precise audio transcription with a fast turnaround time. Our team of professional transcribers is skilled at providing audio and verbatim transcription services to clients in a wide variety of industries, including medical, legal, business, IT, finance and insurance.  We are familiar with industry-specific terminology, as well as formatting requirements for various disciplines.  In addition to audio transcription, Transcription Canada’s transcriptionists can also transcribe the content of videos.  Video recordings of discussions, meetings, lectures, etc. can be vital stores of knowledge.

For businesses and organizations, creating a transcript of videos can actually increase your online reach.  More customers will be able to find your website because your transcript will appear in text searches.

It can take hours to transcribe video and audio recordings.  The resources devoted to transcribing these recordings could be allocated elsewhere.  Dictation services companies provide the solution to this problem.

Transcription agencies hire professional transcribers who are experienced in quickly and accurately transforming recordings into word-for-word text documents, resulting in a rapid return on investment for their clients.

Video & Audio File Formats

Do you need verbatim transcription services within a few days? Transcription Canada can work with you to meet your needs. Simply upload a digital version of your recording to our server, and we take care of the rest. If you prefer, we can set up a secure personal account for file uploads.

Transcription Canada has a proven track record for the ability to deliver what a client needs by a specified deadline, whether the turnaround time required is a few days or a few weeks.  We invite you to contact our audio and video transcription team with any questions you may have about our services, pricing or quality guarantee.

  • AIFF
  • AIF
  • AMR
  • CAF
  • DSS
  • DVD
  • M4A
  • MOV
  • MP2
  • MP3
  • MSV
  • Quicktime
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  • WMA

Why Choose Us?

Not all dictation companies are created equally. Our transcriptionists have performed business dictation in a variety of industries, including IT, finance and insurance.

We understand our clients need maximum flexibility, which is why the transcribers are also skilled at video transcription. You won’t miss a moment of a recorded seminar, speech, board meeting or focus group with our thorough documentation.

Our customers have been so satisfied with our work that they’ve used our services multiple times.


Our transcribers have in-depth knowledge of your industry’s terminology and the document formatting requirements for business transcription services.


Your data is safe with Transcription Canada.  We exceed industry standards and are HIPAA-compliant.


Our clients can rest assured that our work will be virtually error-free, and we will ensure that it is always completed by the deadline.



Transcription Canada’s transcribers undergo a rigorous training process. We won’t employ anyone with less than five years of experience.

We work together with our clients to provide end-to-end solutions and improve workflow for transcription and court reporting. We maintain the highest standards for integrity and quality at the lowest rate in Canada.

Getting Started

Request Quote

Simply request a quote and receive an email estimate based on your selected turnaround time, audio quality, verbatim vs. intelligent, time-coding, or multiple speakers.   

Upload File Audio/Video

We will send you a link to create a secure account where you can upload your audio or video file. Only the assigned transcribers will have access to your files.

Transcription Processing

Our project manager, Tekoa Sellars, will assign one of our experienced Canadian-based transcribers to deliver high-quality transcripts within the desired timeframe.

Quality & Accuracy

Upon completion, transcripts are uploaded to your account, or you will receive a secure link to download your transcripts in the required format.

Our Clients

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