Transcription Services Rates | (excluding Legal/Court Transcripts)

We offer an array of transcription services rates and turnaround times.  The fastest transcript turnaround time we offer is 24 hours.  Most projects have a deadline of seven business days, and this tends to be an industry standard.  Since quality is directly related to expected turnaround times, projects with a longer turnaround time will yield higher quality transcripts due to additional time allowed for the editing process.

The prices quoted below do not include

  • 7-Day Rate CAD $1.69

    Standard Minute/Business Days

  • 3-Day Rate CAD $1.79

    Standard Minute/Business Days

  • 1-Day Rate CAD $2.25

    Standard Minute/Business Days

  • Same Day CAD $2.90

    Standard Minute/Business Days

Additional Transcription Costs

Our transcription  rates vary depending on factors that include the required turnaround time, clarity of voice, accents, audio quality, number of speakers and technical terminology beyond industry standard.

The quality of the audio file itself is an important factor when providing a quote for a project.  If an audio file is low-quality and has background noise, the price of that project will increase.  Poor quality audio files take a long time to transcribe, as the transcriptionist is forced to replay segments of the audio numerous times.

Transcription services costs depend upon many factors, briefly outlined below as follows:

Audio Quality

  • Near “Broadcast Quality” CAD $0.00
  • Some Faintness or Background Noise (+CAD$.20/rec. min.)
  • Frequent Faintness or Background Noise (+CAD$.50/rec. min.)
  • Poor Quality with Much Faintness and Background Noise (+CAD$.80/rec. min.)

Multiple Speakers

  • Two to Four Speakers (+CAD$.60/rec. min.)
  • Five or More Speakers (+CAD$.80/rec. min.)

Verbatim Transcription

  • Strict Verbatim (+ CA$0.40/rec. min.)


  • Every 30 secs. (+CAD$0.40/rec. min.)
  • Every 60 secs. (+CAD$0.20/rec. min.)

Technical Transcription

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