Interview Transcription

Over the years, Transcription Canada has gained a reputation for exceeding our clients’ needs.

Universities conduct research, focus group discussions and other types of interviews, all of which give insights into how to connect with certain demographics, how to streamline operations, and how to improve processes.  These institutions can’t afford to lose any of this vital knowledge, so we convert this audio into interview transcription files.

Journalists, writers, researchers and managers rely on Transcription Canada for fast, accurate speech-to-text solutions.  By recording interviews and then having them transcribed from the audio files, you’ll allow your conversation to flow in a natural way, save valuable energy, and be able to reference the materials more easily without worrying about writing down every last detail yourself.

Our our research transcription and interview transcription services include:
  • Academic Interview Transcription Services
  • Dictation
  • Dissertation Interview Transcription Services
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • Interview Transcription Services
  • Research Transcription Services
  • Speeches, Lectures and Talks
  • Video Transcription Services

Recording Audio for Research Transcription Services

Proper recording technique for focus groups makes a huge difference in transcription quality.

  • Place the recorder/microphone in the middle of the table of your participants.
  • Use at least two separate microphones and record in Stereo when there are eight or more speakers.
  • Place an extra microphone at each end of the table and record one to the LEFT channel and one to the RIGHT channel.

Types of Interview Transcription Services

Do you need audio transcription services or or verbatim transcription services within a few days? Transcription Canada can work with you to meet your needs. Simply upload a digital version of your recording to our server, and we take care of the rest. If you prefer, we can set up a secure personal account for file uploads.

Transcription Canada has a proven track record for the ability to deliver what a client needs by a specified deadline, whether the turnaround time required is a few days or a few weeks.  We invite you to contact our audio and video transcription team with any questions you may have about our services, pricing or quality guarantee.

Even if you need interview transcription at the last minute, we can help.  Our team members are experts in transforming recorded interviews quickly and accurately into text documents, so you can produce high-quality articles that engage your audience.

Academic Transcription:  Relying on your handwritten notes to complete an assignment or major paper means you might miss important points that the one-on-one interview subject or lecturer made.

Dissertation & University Transcription: If you’re a university student working on your dissertation, or if you’re a student or professor who needs to record lecture interviews, use Transcription Canada.

Focus Group Transcription: When you record the focus group, lecture or interview and allow Transcription Canada’s professional transcription service to transcribe your audio, we guarantee that we’ll include every word to provide the most complete transcripts for your educational needs.

Research Transcription: Journalists often work on tight deadlines to write compelling stories that inform and update readers.  They need accurate research transcription of one-on-one interviews or telephone interviews.  Transcription Canada transcribes journalist interviews quickly and precisely.

Why Choose Us?


We have a series of protocols and procedures in place to ensure that only transcripts of the highest quality leave our doors.


Our clients can rest assured that our work will be virtually error-free, and we will ensure that it is always completed by the deadline.


Our interview transcription teams work efficiently to produce an accurate transcript of your dissertation interviews, focus groups or academic interviews.


Every transcriber on our team has a minimum of five years of transcription experience. We have a rigorous hiring process to ensure our transcriptionists meet our quality standards.

Getting Started

Request Quote

Simply request a quote and receive an email estimate based on your selected turnaround time, audio quality, verbatim vs. intelligent, time-coding, or multiple speakers.   

Upload File Audio/Video

We will send you a link to create a secure account where you can upload your audio or video file. Only the assigned transcribers will have access to your files.

Transcription Processing

Our project manager, Tekoa Sellars, will assign one of our experienced Canadian-based transcribers to deliver high-quality transcripts within the desired timeframe.

Quality & Accuracy

Upon completion, transcripts are uploaded to your account, or you will receive a secure link to download your transcripts in the required format.

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