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Security is a critical part of our business. Transcription Canada takes security protocol seriously.  We provide reliable security that exceeds industry standards for transcription services and court reporting.


We ensure that all of your data remains confidential with our end-to-end 256-bit encrypted FTP / FTPS / SFTP dedicated cloud platform along with AES encryption.  We offer peace of mind when it comes to your data.


Clients have their own personal secure account that is FTP 256-bit encrypted and they can easily and securely, transfer audio and video files.  All user accounts are password protected and only accessible with a user name and password, or by our personnel.


Data access is restricted to those who are working on your speech to text services.  Data is not copied to a hard drive and data is sent directly through our server.


Our transcription services are compliant with and ensure privacy through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Public Law 104-191 (HIPAA), the Protected Health Information (PHI), and the Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act – Canada (PIPEDA).

We are strictly against data collection and ensure that the information we are privy to remains confidential throughout the process.


All of our transcriptionists and court reporters, sign a binding confidentiality agreement.  We also will sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients.  

Our transcription services and court reporting process employs an authentication system for access to our servers.  Using a two-step authentication process makes it challenging to steal data remotely as an individual requires a physical and constantly changing authentication address to access the servers.


Our system supports multiple users, departments, and admin privileges. Access to data can be shared or restricted to certain users.


User IDs and passwords used to access a user’s account are encrypted at all times and we have a system to assist users to retrieve lost passwords.

Getting Started

Request Quote

Simply request a quote and receive an email estimate based on your selected turnaround time, audio quality, verbatim vs. intelligent, time-coding, or multiple speakers.   

Upload File Audio/Video

We will send you a link to create a secure account where you can upload your audio or video file. Only the assigned transcribers will have access to your files.

Transcription Processing

Our project manager, Tekoa Sellars, will assign one of our experienced Canadian-based transcribers to deliver high-quality transcripts within the desired timeframe.

Quality & Accuracy

Upon completion, transcripts are uploaded to your account, or you will receive a secure link to download your transcripts in the required format.

Our Clients

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